Wellness Coordinator

Total clock hours: 100*

Prerequisite: Participants must have completed Stress Management Counselor Program


This course instructs participants in the application of hypnotherapy and stress management in a variety of client situations. The participants will study the immune system, 85% of all health problems are stress related.

You will learn about Oxidative Stress, The functions of the Immune System & the Central Nervous System.

Each participant will learn to identify the root cause of the major medical and emotional problems that their client has.

The participants will learn Set Point Counseling and apply hypnotherapy and stress management for high blood pressure, fears, guilt, addictions, personal problems, martial problems, sexual dysfunction and childhood traumas and much more.

Participants will be assigned a set point to solve and role play with their student partner, they will determine which therapy to use in order to reduce the stressor/s that is present within their assigned problem.

Set Point Counseling for:

Weight Management
Medical Issues
Panic Attacks
Ordinary Anxiety
General Anxiety

Overview of Therapies to be used for Set Point Counseling:

Progressive Relaxation
Self Hypnosis
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Cognitive Therapy
Group Therapy
Vitamin & Nutrition
Hazards of Prescription Drugs
Behavioral Therapy
Regression Therapy

  Note:  Some types of therapy requires a state license to use.  You will learn the types of therapy, the number of sessions needed for each index, in order to bring about a healing.  You must work with in your area of limitations if you are not licensed to do various types of therapy.

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